Self-Defense Courses

man teaching Self Defense courses for seniors and the disabled
Tom in a training clinic with his instructor
Grand Master Mark Shuey

Experience DCFA’s empowering cane training today—suitable for all levels, available in person or online. Take the first step and enhance your well-being with us.

Experience a boost in self-confidence through DCFA’s specialized training in the use of walking canes for self-defense, stretching, and exercise. We offer empowering classes that accommodate individuals of all ages, physical conditions, strengths and mobility levels, both in-person and online. You get the added benefit of receiving a high-quality, low-cost ($10-20) cane if needed, making our diverse range of sessions—spanning from twenty minutes to two hours—accessible to all, while only requiring a modest reimbursement for travel and associated expenses of our instructors if doing in-person training.

Learn basic self-defense moves with the experts at Defensive Canes for All. Book for yourself or a group—learn how to use a cane to defend from attacks.