A symbol of weakness is now a source of strength
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In-Person and Virtual
Self-Defense Classes

Adaptive Self-Defense for Seniors,
the Disabled, Veterans, and Martial Artists

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Physical Fitness

Elevate your fitness with DCFA's cane training, suitable for all levels, offered in-person or online, with the option of a low-cost cane to jumpstart your journey to improved physical fitness.

two confident seniors walking after learning cane fu


Gain enhanced self-confidence with DCFA's walking cane training, suitable for all ages and physical conditions, offered in-person or online, and receive a low-cost cane if needed.

man teaching Self Defense courses for seniors and the disabled

Self-Defense Skills

Develop practical self-defense skills with DCFA's specialized cane training, tailored for all, and accessible through in-person or online classes, ensuring preparation for personal safety.



Staff of Defensive Canes for All

Instructor Thomas Dineen

Thomas Dineen, Founder and Chief Instructor, has a varied professional background encompassing law, finance, and securities regulation. As President of the American Jujitsu Association, he champions traditional martial arts nationally. He now applies his extensive training in jujitsu, swordsmanship, and Defensive Tactics Systems to cane-based mobility enhancement and street self-defense.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

women learning Adaptive martial arts
man teaching Self Defense courses for seniors and the disabled
Seniors taking online virtual self-defense courses with canes

Ready To Get Started?

Explore testimonials showcasing the positive impact of DCFA’s cane training on confidence, fitness, and practical self-defense skills, reflecting the inclusivity of our in-person and online classes.